Here ِAt GTDM , we are an experienced team with a good relationship with the authority departments. Our experience in local building regulations and codes allows us to deliver your project building permit and approval within time and budget. Building Permits and Approvals contain information concerning construction projects compliant to the applicable building regulations for residential or commercial structures. Building regulations are enforced by municipality on these projects in order to ensure that safety and aesthetic designs adhere to certain covenant restrictions required by their municipal code within those specific locations. It is very important to obtain the proper approval for all construction related projects. Scope owners, builders, developers and contractors or anyone else concerned with a construction project are expected to follow approval rules and regulations so that structures are safe to occupy. Electricians, plumbers and others will secure what are sometimes called trade permits. It is common to believe that building permits are only required when buildings are being constructed. However, many areas require that a building permit be in place even when making improvements, repairs, innovations or additions to structures.