Drawing Review And Approval is a vital process to ensure that your design and/or project can be constructed and completed. Through our experience we make sure your project will be approved. Approvals expediting is the process of focusing on the building codes, approval process and requirements necessary to get the permit in order to complete your project in a manner that is cost efficient and quick. We provide you with solutions that allows you to get an approval as quick and easy as possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Design review
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Drawing preparation according to  Building Regulations
  • Designs and approvals for existing & new buildings
  • Architectural, Interior Design & MEP Designs & Approvals
  • Interior design and implementation
  • Building permit & decor permits
  • Modifications permits & maintenance
  • Understand the client’s needs, resources, & budget
  • Prepare  and communicate a design brief  to the client
  • Present a Concept Design for client’s review
  • Provide the client with a detailed design for implementation
  • Preparing the necessary tender documents for cost analysis & construction
  • Provide the necessary  design review and drawing preparation to obtain permits and approvals
  • Submitting to authorities to obtain the necessary approvals for completion
  • Lead the construction either as the designer & builder or as the supervisor depending on the client’s structure/needs.